Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Button

Looks healthy in there!

No problems with the bone lengths.
No problems with my amniotic fluid level.
No heart problems noted.  Heartbeat strong.
Ribs look like a normal babies.
Moving actively.
Chubby cheeks like brothers and sister.

And sticking his/her foot in mouth the whole ultrasound:


Can someone please explain?


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

I am posting this a day late, but I have to show everyone!

  I finished Jamie's Christmas Stocking on Christmas EVE!!! 

 I debated making her a stocking, because it will hang empty every year....but I have put a lot of love in each family member's stocking that I thought why not?  When I asked the rest of the family last year, they didn't even blink...of course you are making her a stocking, they said!

All of the boys' stockings had Santa on it, and for some reason, when I chose my design, I had a snowman.  I had chosen it because it had a "quilted" look to it, so when I realized the boys had santas, and I was a girl and had a snowman....I had to find a snowman design for Jamie!

I have to tell you, I was adding the beads on Christmas Eve afternoon and JJ came down and saw that it was almost complete.  He exclaimed, "Mommy!  You have her stocking finished just in time for Santa to see it!!" How sweet is that!

I actually finished sewing the fleece to the back today so it actually did not get hung in time for Santa's arrival.
 But that is okay, he already saw it!

 I can now start thinking about Button's stocking.   I bought a stocking holder for Button this year since I bought a new one for Jamie.  
 Except, now I have to wait for him/her to arrive before I chose a Santa or a Snowman design. 

Any bets?

A Very Special Gift

Daddy did it again!  He always amazes me with his thoughtfulness.  We don't generally exchange a bunch of gifts.  We usually agree to spend something on the house.  Once in a while there is a small gift under the tree.  I usually put together a picture gift of some sort (framed photo or photo album). 

This year, the boys really wanted to get Dad a gift with me that he had his eye on (the Dremel Trio).  I didn't really expect anything under the tree because we are busy "updating" different things in the house to get ready for Button's arrival.

Instead, there were two tiny boxes for me!  A necklace charm and bracelet from James Avery!

Aren't they beautiful?

  Butterflies to remember my Jamie and they even have my favorite flowers......daisies!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quilt for the Kids

The newest blog I am following is Quilts for Kids.  Their goal was 52 quilts this year (one a week) and they just finished 54.


Hoping I can join in their fun somehow, or if not get inspired to do my own charity quilting!!!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Quilt Hope In

I just became a follower of this blog:

  It is an organization that totally fits my bill. 


Need I say more?

I am really hoping I can find a way to either contribute items or my skills for such a great cause. 

 Shortly after losing Jamie, I knew that I needed to DO.  I have started a intenet support group that I monitor and I have embroidered blankets/quilts for babyloss mommas. 
But I want to do so much more. 

Every time I make something for someone, I try to take inspiration from their lives and remember that God has given me the gift to create things.  My little girl can't.

I am hoping I can help Quilt Hope In bring inspiration to those whose lives are less fortunate than mine.

BTW.....If I blog about this, I might win a Accuquilt GO! from one of the blogs I have been following.  I can't remember how I found her, but I love her stuff!  TraceyJay Quilts I never win anything.....but really would love to win this!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Angel's Ornaments

 I am sure I don't need to explain why Christmas was difficult last year.

I actually wanted to scrub the whole holidays, but I couldn't because of the other three gorgeous darlings we have.  They don't deserve to have the rest of their lifes drenched in darkness.

The boys have been so supportive since the moment we told them that Jamie was "sick" even before she was born.  They had as much hope as we did.

I can honestly say that I was there when all three of my boys first had their hearts broken.  It was the day they had to say goodbye to their little sister.

Last year, we found this cute angel ornament.  It isn't fabulous, but it seemed the best way for us to be able to have her precious feet forever on our tree.  We were so in love with the perfection of her tiny feet!

This year, we wanted to get another ornament.

How precious is the saying "A sister loves you at all times"!!

This Christmas we hung her ornaments on a silk tree in our "angel" room. 

Really, it is just a formal living room that we have dubbed the "Library".  It is where we have our formal living room furniture, bookcases, and a secretary desk. 

We renamed it so that it became a more approachable room for us to use.  There is someone in it everyday.

Why our "angel" room?  I have the ashes of our puppies that have left  us and I have a few sweet angel statues in there.

So I hope to have her tree in there next year!

We are in transition of purchasing new trees and have decided to wait until next year to get a special tree just for all of her ornaments.

I have some old pearl and pink colored ball ornaments I plan to use.  And of course, I found some more beautiful pearl and green ornaments.

I can't wait to do a whole tree just for her!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Cards

This isn't the photo we used for Christmas...have this one blown up to hang in our home!
Checkout Kristi O'Connell Photography if you are in the Houston area....we loved her work!!!

I am so sad....This is the first year I am not making a "homemade" Christmas card in (I think) 6 years.  Hubby convinced me to use Tiny Prints for our Holiday photo card.  Normally, I spend a few hours tweaking a photo on photoshop, then a day or two writing my Christmas letter, and then a week or two making about 150 cards for family, friends, and hubby's co-workers.

This year, we had a pretty nice coupon from Tiny Prints (sorry, can't divulge my sources on this one) and he insisted (for the reason that the source would be disappointed that we didn't use it!).  I will have to admit, it was fun to choose a template, but it still stabbed me in the heart!  And if you are interested, they are running a few good deals right now for the Holidays!

So I guess I will have to put my "Heidi" touch on my Christmas letter.  Maybe stamping or something?!?!?

P.S.  Today I finally showed my hubby my wee blog.  Now I have to watch my step!!!!