Frequently Asked Questions
-How soon do you send instructions?

I try to check my Butterfly Request database at least once a day.
  I try to answer any request within 24-48 hours.  If you have not heard from me after that time period, please feel free to email me at boysbuttonsandbutterflies@gmail.com

-Can I send an item other than a blanket?

Yes!  I have many different items that I have embroidered on.  I have done this on quilts, special photo albums, infant gowns, even a mother's robe! I am always game for a new challenge.  So don't feel confined to a blanket.  We can discuss if your item will work or not!
-Does the fabric of the blanket/item matter?

Lace, minky, cotton, quilts, soft n' fluffy ALL effect the process differently.  Patterns can also be tricky!  Sometimes I have to run the machine twice for thicker materials, or even create appliques like below to avoid the absorption of the thread into the fabric!

Mr. Nicholas' Blanket

  It does not mean something is impossible, it just means that I will have to come up with a plan to work around it!!!

-Do you inform me when my blanket/item arrives?


As soon as your box/envelope arrives on my doorstep, I send an email.
I have a dedicated shelf in my studio closet for the packages.   It is a cool and dry space. I keep all items together at all times.  I only work on one blanket/item at a time to ensure their are no mix-ups.  I promise, I treat your belongings with much care and great respect.  Even my children know to bring any boxes directly to the studio immediately if they see one on the doorstep!

-How do you prefer the prints?
 If you can send me a HARD COPY of your precious baby's prints, that makes the process less difficult for me for adequate sizing.  If I have the hard copies, I can get an EXACT size match.  However, if you are unable to do so, I do accept .pdf and .jpegs via email.  I can digitize/edit them very well, however, I cannot guarantee an exact match in size.  I request that you measure the largest width of the feet/hands and longest length of the feet/hands. 
I get them as close as I possibly can!

Can I see what you plan before you embroider my blanket/item?
Yes!  I email not one photo, but many like these.

Layout/placement photos:

Close up of design for proofreading (spellings and dates):
 Note: the colors used in the proof are not the actual thread colors, they are just guides for me!

Close up of color options:

-How long does the process take?

As short as 2-3 weeks and up to 4-6 weeks.
  Sometimes longer if I receive many requests and blankets at a time.  I receive requests frequently, but parents send them at various times and I do not ever know ahead of times how many items I have in my studio at one time.  I also run a small home quilting/embroidery business, taxi shuttle three older boys, and stay home with my rainbow baby, Button...so I squeeze these in as I can.

-What is involved in the process that takes so long?

The editing process can go very long or very quickly depending on the quality of the prints.  I edit your prints first through a  Photoshop process.  I then have to digitize your prints into a language for the embroidery machine to understand.  This also can be an easy or difficult part of the editing process.  I, then, spend time choosing an appropriate font based on any previous fonts on the blanket/item, or I think about your child and your story and choose a font that I feel "suits" your child.  If I have to applique the feet onto a piece of fabric, there is one further step that I have to do! 

Also, if there is more than one set of prints for more than one child, it can add to the time tremendously!

After the approval process, I have to monitor the project and cannot step away from the machine. If it a detailed design, it could take hours to complete...which means that I have to find uninterrupted time to do so!  I have to be very vigilante at this point.  I know how important things are and my worst nightmare would be to not give the proper attention they are due!

-Do you let me know when it is returning to me?

I first email to verify the return address.  
When I receive confirmation, I email shortly after they are sent...occasionally I have forgotten and their is a surprise at your door!  I try to let you know, but I also become concerned about the anxiety of waiting.

-When do you post photos of the blankets?

I only post photos that I have been given permission to do so.  I usually write a post describing the blanket and any challenges or insights I might have.  I only use their first name on my post..such as Miss Jamie or Miss Jamie Lynn.  I always edit the photos so that you cannot discern the child's last name on the blanket, unless a parent states that they don't mind.  If you have a website or blog, I try to link to your blog from my post.  I also link the post on my FB page for followers.  Again, the form has a place for you to allow me permission or not.   I have completed MANY more blankets than you have seen on this blog!!!

-Do you have pre-made blankets for prints for those parents that do not have one?

Currently, no....
But, I do plan to have a set of small quilts/receiving blankets for such purpose.  I do, occasionally, take a request for a custom quilt that I can easily add the prints. As of 2/13/2012, I am working on a special custom ordered quilt that might be something you would be interested in if that is the case.  Stay tuned...I will be sharing it here and on my other blog.


**AS OF JULY 2014**

The supplies and labor are on me.  However, I am now asking parents to provide postage or the cost of return shipping.  If nothing is sent, I will send a paypal invoice to you with cost.

I prefer using postage that has some sort of tracking like USPS Priority Mail, Fed Ex Ground, or UPS.  With such important items, it is comforting to be able to track these items.  I also recommend you using such services when sending.

If you would like me to have it insured, please include that amount.


I do accept them.  
I am currently working on a tax id, but non-profit IDs aren't the easiest to procure.  So as of now, I do keep track of donations given.  I plan on making a Donation page in the near future on this blog.   The donations are GREATLY appreciated.  They help with the cost incurred through the process including thread, stabilizer, fabric, machine maintenance, printing paper, printing ink, and especially shipping.

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