Monday, April 16, 2012


A quilt I made for a momma.

A local friend of mine commissioned me to make this quilt for her cousin who lost her daughter in January.

It was SO fun to make.  I wish I could do these for free for everyone, but I just can't....

I am working on a quilt design that would be available for purchase, but I have been bogged down with a charity quilt for my sons' school.   I am on a 10 day countdown.

Gigantic, no?

I also owe a mom a finished blanket. I am trying to do something a little more unique for her since her blanket is begging for it!!!  But because of that, I am taking longer than usual.

And I had a request for a special mini-quilt for a shelf where an urn rests.  I am still working on the design.  Sometimes it isn't a good thing to give me TOO much leeway with my creativity!

Feel free to yell at me know who you are!

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