Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Words of Courage

A question asked by a fellow babyloss mom:

"Words of Courage. 
Any come to mind for a particularly cloudy day full of missing her?"

Dear sweet Laura,

I wish I could tell you the perfect answer.  I will just tell you what I do when I have a cloudy day.  


I curl up with her quilt.

I sometimes grab her teddy.

See her sitting on the memory box?  Yes, she is a girl!

I sometimes pull out her scrapbook just so I can see her.

I put a sad movie in.  Steel Magnolias if I am feeling like I need to "Go Sally" on someone.   Tinkerbell because that is the Disney character I associate her with.  I would have watched Tinkerbell to the end of time with her.  

Lately,  Rabbit Hole has been working for me.

It helps me remember that my husband is grieving too, just in a different way.

But my point in all of this? 
It is that I allow myself to have the cloudy day once in awhile.  

If I try to fight through it...things only get worse for me....



Anonymous said...

i sleep with the blanket you made for wyatt every night. not because i am sad but because it feels like a part of him is there cuddling with me.

Laura said...

Heidi - This is wonderful for all the Babyloss moms out there. Thank you again. There are a few songs that remind me of her and this one is one that just reminds me of how much I love her.

Heidi @ Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies said...

Thanks Laura!

Val Coles said...

I want to say how much I admire you for this work, Heidi. I'm working on my first quilt for a friend of a friend and am an absolute mess every time I pick it up. My heart breaks and is uplifted at the same time, and this is just one quilt!
What an awesome testimony you have and a true blessing to so many.