Monday, June 18, 2012

My Very Own Molly Bear

Have you heard of Molly Bears?

If you haven't...I am going to tell you about them!

I know SEVERAL baby loss moms that have Molly Bears.  For some reason, I thought that I really didn't "need" one because I already have two teddy bears for Jamie.  The one we received from the hospital's bereavement group and the other was one that the boys won the weekend after she was born.  They were at our Church's bazaar and they tried their hand at winning a bear.  They used her birth date numbers and WON!  The proud looks that they had on their faces is something I will never forget!

I was recently contacted by one of the Molly Bear Team members to do a Butterfly Kiss project of her and Bridget (one of the co- founders).  

OF COURSE, I said..YES!!
  Then they told me that they would love to do a bear for me.
How could I say no?

A package arrived on Saturday, but I couldn't open it because I had a disaster in the studio due to some computer issues!  Pure torture seeing the box sitting in the corner, but I didn't want to lose any pieces/parts to the overstuffed package.

After the dust settled and all was quiet....we opened the package, yesterday, Father's Day.

Our very own Molly bear.

If you are thinking...she is just a pink teddy bear, Heidi....what is the big whoop?

The big deal is that she is filled.  
She weighs EXACTLY 5lbs 4oz.  
I *may or may not* have checked on my scale.  I was actually surprised to feel the weight in my hands.  I was so used to my empty arms in regards to her and her urn is so light, that I just forgot that she was a pretty hefty girl for a baby with dwarfism!

Each Molly Bear is unique and special to the parent that orders one.  They are "one of a kind" to you.

I, of course, mentioned my pension for butterflies whenever I think of my sweet precious girl!
  Boy, did I get them!

And she seems quite content with her fellow bear friends and Jamie's quilt.

My one and only disappointment?  

That I didn't do this sooner.....


Anonymous said...

I am so touched by your blog post. I am so very glad you love your bear. You do so much for the angel community. This is the least we could do for you. Tamberly did a beautiful job. Big hugs my friend.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Heidi, your bear is beautiful and so special. hugs, Sharon xx

traceyjay said...

that picture of you with Jamie is so beautiful, to feel her weight...
tears falling down my face for you and with you friend.

Heidi Grohs said...

She definitely deserved a worthy post! Love her!!!