Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 16: Do you take time for yourself?

I thought this would be easy to answer, but it ended up being unclear to me.

My immediate reaction was that I do take time.  I sew, quilt, craft, and blog.  I go on scrapbook retreats.

However, on the other hand, it is often disjointed, hurried, and frantic.  I sometimes feel like I am rushing through it all.

I go get my hair done and nails done on occasion, but haven't had a facial in over two years.  Even when I do take that time, I have lists in hand, schedules to plan as I sit there.   I am anxious to get home because I fear that I am needed.

When I am scrapbooking, I am working towards a goal.  Get it finished.... get it finished...chants through my head.  I try to take every moment to make sure I arrive home feeling accomplished, when I really should come back rested.

I think the only time I actually take time for myself is in the dark hours of night.  When all I can hear are the quiet sighs and snores in the house.  I sit and watch TV. Sometimes, I crossstitch, do hand sewing work, or even sew.  

But sometimes, I just do nothing and stare at the TV.

Is that time for myself?  I am not sure...

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