Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28: Have you ever corrected or wish you corrected someone about your loss?

"No girls?"

This statement is WORSE than fingernails on a chalkboard.  I thought it was just me, but dear hubby agrees.  

  • First off, it reminds me (not that I really forget) that she isn't here.  I never forget it, but sometimes life is a bit easier if I am not thinking of her 24hrs a day.  That would require admission to the local loony bin for me.  So having someone say this is a kick in the pants if I am having a good day.
  • Gee, thanks for making my boys feel bad.  I guess four boys is horrible and I SHOULD have a girl?

  • This reminds me of the book I am going to write some day.  "What not to say to parents..."   Thanks for more material!

EDITED TO ADD:  I realize I didn't really answer the question, because I didn't have anything to really I told you something I hate.   This is all that keeps popping in my head.


Pieces to Love said...

Hugs girl! I can't even fathom what your life has been like, but I have enjoyed reading (and crying) the past 28 posts.

.Katie. said...

I love that picture! Your boys are adorable!

And I totally think you should write that book... God knows we've all heard enough to fill it up.