Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18: Have you found something that puts you at peace?

What does this mean?  Peace in general?  Peace about Jamie? 

I thought about this all day.  ALL day, yesterday because I like to work through each question as if I am reading a daily devotion.

Baby Button brings me peace.  I can hold him.  I can feel my heart rate lower.  My blood pressure mellow out. 
My brain rests.  
He makes it too easy.

As long as we aren't running.  When we stop.  When I climb on the hammock with my husband and breathe in the air.  

I always knew I was a dreamer.  I think my grandmother said I was an "old soul" once. 

I think she is right.  

I like to swing in that hammock with the trees rustling above, the breeze gently wafting over me, and the occasional butterfly to land in my near vicinity.  I like to go back in time, and remember when I would swing in that hammock with my Jamie pushing, pressing, and rolling in my tummy.  

I remember those moments.

And it brings me peace.......

Taken by a dear friend, Megan

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